Monday, July 7, 2008


Shoot, over the weekend, I nearly completed a 1/2 IronMan over 3 days. Thanks to Jeff and Denise, a bunch of us had a lovely 40 mile ride in King and Queen County, followed by a cookout and pool time! What a great way to celebrate the 4th. The Route 14 ride is not easy, but not too hard, and you can always count on a head wind for practice. OK, now my preaching for the month of July...TriGirls have GOT to learn how to ride in groups AND as close to the side of a road as possible. People get all crazy and ride all over, sometimes three abreast, and someone is going to get hurt. Everyone needs to practice riding the white line (the white line that lines the road edge), especially in West Creek since there is a nice concrete gutter to wobble into if need be. When riding on the road, any road, ALWAYS ride within 12 -18 inches from the edge, even when there is not a car, b/c a car can come at any time. Ride in single file, and if the road is really untraveled, no more than 2 a breast. Wheeew. Please pay attention on the road, communicate with those around you, practice a pace line, it will make you a better cyclist. Practice bike handling, go to a parking lot, and ride in tight turns, circles, and try to stay still on the bike. OK, enough of the preachy-preach.

Some of us ran our 12 (well, BlakeE run, so more like 13-14) on the trails at Pocahontas on Saturday, which was nice. I love trail running, and hope to do it as much as possible during this year. Then I swam 1.5 miles in a secret location on Sunday. Again, very nice, and that was as far as I have swum since White Lake, guess I better get on the swim stick! Hope all had a great 4th weekend!


TriGirl Kate O said...

A secret location???? sounds like it's a nice one!

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Much thanks to you and your Karen for helping us on the way back in with pace line drills. We'll get better - I promise!

Triathlonmom said...

Thanks for preaching so i don't have to! ps i want to come swim at your secret location!