Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Recipe for suffering: lay off running for a couple of months, get sick the week before, be too stupid to bring nutrition, and then try to complete a 10 mile run on a fairly humid morning. Suffering will follow. I stupidly did the above this past weekend, somehow thinking that 10 miles is not much, given my IM finishes. Well, I think that freakin race was harder than either IM, mostly because I am an idiot as indicated above. Not only did I kind of blow off really thinking about the race, I had not run more than 10 miles since Labor Day weekend, in fact, I rarely ran at all since IM USA. Whew, the suffering began pretty early and I staggered through it, finishing not quite last, but pretty darn close. Not a PR, unless one counts really slow times as PRs. It is now Tuesday, and my quads are still sore...I could barely walk on Sunday...this from covering only 10 miles. And, to top the morning off, I did not bring any nutrition on the run, how many times will I bonk before I get it? Evidently, a lot of times. I guess I am that stupid person that we all see and wonder why they don't get it. I cannot tell you why. I just do not think correctly about running. I get the bike nutrition, but somehow remain stupid for running. Something to work on.

Guess I am now officially out of shape, so maybe I'll consider beginning training again!