Monday, September 29, 2008


Chesapeake Man AquaVelo: the good, the not so good, the really kind of crappy. Just kidding. The training day was great, even though I nearly puked before the swim start, but more on that later. MyKaren completed her 3rd IM distance race in 11 months, and placed 1st in her age group. What a great job! Som finished his 4 of 6 and was 2nd in his age group. All the TriGirl training partners did well and we all are ready for the big time.

The Swim
Due to the n'oreaster, they changed the swim to a "protected" harbor, but of course, the wind was blowing in the one direction that wasn't protected, so it was a harder swim than expected since we swam against the wind and waves on the last long leg. I actually did well, but for the terrible siting at first. I nearly ran into shore! What a doofus. I thought I was going to have a hard time with the swim because, while it was 2 loops, we did not stop between loops, just kept going. For the first time in a swim, I actually did run into people, including Tammy, but had no real issues. Oh, and the water was only 4-6 feet deep, but I refused to stand up, so I didn't, although there were many people who did. Evidently there were stinging jellyfish in the water as well, and I saw and touched a number of them, I was assuming they did not sting, since none stung me. Lucky me. Getting out of the water and standing up was weird, I nearly fell and was kind of woozy-headed. Saw Grandison, Shelley and Lisa cheering and Fred got out of the water with me.

The T & A tent was kind of crazy. I had decided to change my outfit completely, just to see how it all went. There was no fresh water to rinse off in, and the water was brackish so salt was on you all day. When I got to the tent and Tammy was there, then Sharon showed up (to my surprize, I was faster?), then KateO. I waited for Sharon and my T time was slow, but who cares.

The Bike
Sharon and I had decided to ride together, as we hope to do in IMFL, so we stopped to pee after we left the T&A tent (no portapotties in the T area) after we crossed the timing mat to start to the bike. Off we went, going nice and slow, eating and drinking and taking it easy for the 1st 15 miles or so. We saw everyone so we knew that all had made the swim. After the turn to get on the 2-loop part, we picked it up some, trying to go between 16-17 mph, and stayed in aero and talked when we could. We played the alphabet game, going from A-Z (we made it to X) with words that had to start with the letter. It was fun. Around mile 25 or so, Patty joined us so we all rode and talked and rode and peed and ate and rode. The course was dead flat, there was wind, rain, some terrible smells, a rainbow, a bald eagle, road kill, and standing water. I got a flat about 4 miles from the special needs bag stop at mile 64 (my odometer said 65). I had a part of a crab claw or something sticking through my tire, very small, but I am glad I ran my fingers around my tire. Then the race marshal rode beside me for a while, and I guess I did something wrong, because I got a 6 minute penalty for "side drafting" not even sure what that is....only thing is Sharon got a 6 minute penalty for drafting, but somehow Patty got nothing. Not sure how that all works. Oh well, I am a bad girl.

At the special needs bag, we stopped and ate. Grandison said that KateO was just ahead, so we took off to catch her. We cranked it for around 10-12 miles going 18-19 mph and finally caught her and she joined our pack. The 2nd loop was not as bad as the first one, except for the standing water part, which was now up to the bottom bracket and kind of hard to pedal through.

The end was anticlimatic, we were tired, wet, and stinky and the finishers medal was the cheapest thing around, but it was a good thing for confidence and race practice. We showered and started drinking beer as we cheered for the IM distance people. It was a fun day, and I am glad I did it!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Whew! Only 1 more long run left (well, 1 more long training run)! I think I dread the long runs more than the long bikes, but the run on Saturday was my best 20 mile ever, at least in terms of how I felt. Strange, but that 20 mile was only my 4th in my life. I was ready for it to end, but felt so much better than the hurricane 18-miler. I tried to wear the TriGirl tri top, but much to my dismay, I got chub rub from chub on chub rubbing on my right underarm. So now I am not sure if I am going to be able to wear the tri top and I was kind of looking forward to wearing pink. Oh well, if I only had svelte arms.

As MarcoDiablo said in his post, the long run had an extra yummy finish, with MyKaren getting KrispyKreme donuts and bagels for us! Yumminess! Sharon and I ran together, 2-10 mile loops, and it was over almost before we knew it! We totally rocked the run. Yesterday, we swam 2 miles--and did a negative split! Woohoo. It's really weird thinking that we only have 1 long run and 2 more long bikes before the taper begins. Weird, but kind of a relief in a way.

I've been going to the IMFL site and reviewing the photos from the last few years, mostly to get myself in tune with the does look scary.

I am at the point where I am sure I can do all three things individually, but still am uncertain about stringing them all together. Guess I'll find out!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, they say your first 100 is the hardest. Actually, they may not say that, but I do. A bunch of the TriGirlIMFLs, as well as IMJoan and MyKaren and next year's IMFLMolly went off on the Heart of Virginia 100 mile ride Saturday morning. The course description included the word "hilly" but we never thought it meant HILLY. It was freakin hot as doodoo, hilly as crap, and hard. I suppose if we can ride that 100 miler, then IMFL will not be bad at all, but I'm reserving my right to call any 100 or 100+ ride sucky. We lost Brad during the first 25 mile loop due to a destroyed rear axel, we lost Charlotte to a blown tire around mile 35. Both Charlotte and KateO had flats, and both changed the tires very capably. However, Charlotte got some help topping off the tire from the sag dude, and it blew out the side before she could get it back on the bike. Lucky her that he was there, at least to give her a ride back to the start.

I ran over a turtle, Sharon said it was already dead, I hope she wasn't lying. I didn't see it at all, as I was following her as we were being passed by a long train of stupid roadies, none of whom said a damn word as they went by. I hate that, just freakin say "on your left and there are a million of us" so no one swerves to miss a turtle and causes the motha of all wrecks. Not that I swerved, I ran right over it. My major melt-down happened around mile 65 and ended somewhere around mile 78 (at a rest stop). Thankfully, MyKaren was there to coax me to eat a gu, take some electrolytes and Tylenol, and keep going. Man, I am a bigass baby when I bonk. But I didn't cry. That would have taken too much energy. The ice cream at the finish was very nice.

Ran 8 or so on the Buttermilk loop with MyKaren and Sharon Sunday am, before it got too hot, but it was still hot as crap. Didn't feel too bad, running on trails is easier on my knees and it was mostly in shade so that helped. Looking forward to the next mega-workout....not really.

Monday, September 8, 2008


BlakeE, Rick S and Aimee all finished IM Wisconsin last night! Wow, three more successes! Everyone looked great crossing the finish line. I can't wait to hear the race stories!

Otherwise, neither rain, nor wind, nor pre-dawn darkness will stop the IMFL training group. Several of us rode indoors for a yummy Marco-Diablo hour and then slogged through 18 miles of puddles and rain and wind. Heidi did 16 and MyKAren did 21, but TriSharon and KateO and I did 18 as did Marco. The rain was hard and sideways at times, but it also stopped for a portion so it actually wasn't as bad as it could have been. We did 2-9 mile loops so we changed our socks 1/2 way and got a little dried off. Although I am not sure why, since the minute we left Maramarc, we were soaked again. The first lap, we were all trying to avoid puddles, but by the second lap, we splashed through them like little kids. As one would expect, there was more chafing than normal for most people, I, however, was pretty much ok in that department, guess my extreme sweating trains me for running in wet shoes and clothes. We all decided that our skin was going to be soooo hydrated after the 3+ hour run. I bonked in the last 1/2 mile, mostly because my freakin hip was killing me and my knees were sore. Yikes. Lots of running on sidewalks b/c of the water in the streets and crazy drivers and running on concrete is hard on the knees. Marco insisted that we would be glad when it was over on Saturday, instead of waiting for Sunday, and I have to admit, I am glad I got it over with. The rest of the day was eat, sleep, eat, rest, sleep.

Sunday was another long swim - my 2nd 2.5 mile swim. I felt I could keep going so that was good. My right shoulder is sore today, I'll have to ask ProKaren if I am doing something weird with it when I swim. Only 2 more long runs....well, until the LONG run but that's on race day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Congradulations to TriJoan, Charlton, Som, Todd and everyone else who completed IM Lousiville under HOT conditions this past weekend. Great job! It seems like the IMs this year are having some epic conditions, and I am hoping that all the weird weather is done with by November 1st.

Training is going well, bunch of IMFL and MarcoDiablo and MyKaren (well she did around 100, rode on the trainer beforehand) did an 80 mile ride followed by a run on Saturday. Nice ride in the east end, all of the group did very well! The run afterwards was hot, but I actually felt better on the run than I usually do, I guess I managed my nutrition better, so there is hope! We didn't run the whole 8 miles, so MyKaren and TriSharon (kind of rhymes, ha) did 4 mile tempo run followed by a long swim on Sunday. Ahh, the 50 meter pool is still great! I passed another swim milestone, 2 1/2 miles. longest EVER and even though I was kind of out of it, I didn't feel terrible. I really wish I didn't get water in my nose when I swim, but I do. Actually, I think what happens is that my nasal cavity gets irritated and then the mucus production kicks into overdrive so I am sneezing and snorting for hours afterwards. Kind of makes me nervous for the salty swim in IMFL, but hopefully the salt won't be too bad!

Officially less than 2 months until IMFL. Suddenly it seems VERY close.