Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SweetP2! - 3/25/2009

So, I got my new ride; a Cervelo P2C, which for lack of any imagination, I have named SweetP2 or SP2 for when I am in a hurry! It is sswweeeeeet! Got the Ultegra model which is blue, gray and white, and it looks very cool. I rode it on the trainer for 3 hours Saturday (I know it is sacrilege, but I will have plenty of outdoors time with her), and felt great! I am looking forward to outdoor riding! For the record, I am not thinking that I'll be faster, I am hoping that I'll be more efficient.

Training is still training, and not all that exciting, so nothing new to report on that front. I'm still kind of struggling with the whole training thing, since I feel pretty burnt out, but I need to get over that and be happy about the work I've been doing. Maybe its the months long intensity that has curdled my training milk....I'm ready for some longer, slower workouts!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Snow! I've been waiting for a snow day, and yesterday I got my wish! MyKaren and I lounged around yesterday, even though we did shovel the walk, steps and driveway (which is not short) and chopped up a big-ass branch that had fallen over a neighbors drive with our trusty axe. I count that as a back and arm workout for the day. It was very pretty and I am very happy that we finally got enough snow to care about.! The House of Pain was open for business, but we didn't feel like taking our chances on the slick roads with idiot Va drivers, so we are going to go tonight and tomorrow.

The weekend workout was supposed to be 2.5 hour bike followed by a million 1/2 mile repeats, but a few of us mutinied and did a 8-9 mile trail run instead. My thinking is this: I am not going to be doing anything fast at IMUSA, but I am going to be running (or more likely walking) on hills, so my preference is to pack in lots of hills. And it was hard...and we did push there! I felt pretty good at the end and tried to pick it up to catch MyKaren, which I did, but only because she had no idea I was chasing her. Swam on Sunday, and I bagged yen yoga since I got to go on Friday.

I was hoping to get some more bike try-outs this Friday, but now I have to work in the office. Baahhh humbug. I've ridden a P2C, a Kestral and a Orbea so far. I wasn't expecting any big differences from how Sweet Pea feels, but the minute I got on the P2C, the difference was dramatic. Even though I hate to follow the pack (so to speak) I know why so many people have that bike, LIKE BUTTA! I am waiting for a few more similar models (Look and Scott) to come in to try out, but so far the P2 wins hands down! I was really surprised at how responsive, light and yet powerful it felt. At least if I do get one, it will have a different paint job than others....