Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010

Gosh, IM Canada is about a month off, and I've been too lazy to write anything. Of course, nothing has really happened that was worth recording. So, I thought I'd just do a little update on my attempt to do a race each month....7 months, 7 races so far:
January - Swinging Bridge 35K-trail
February - a 10K trail race in Pocahontas (small race, cannot remember the name)
March - Shamrock 1/2 Marathon
April - Crossover 15 K
May - Run Like A Girl 8K-trail
June - Corporate 4 miler
July - the 3 Cul-de-sac 5Ks

Of course, August is the big one, plus the Mountaineer 1/2 IM distance. I also did the Chris Green 2 Mile Cable Swim and got swum over worse than any IM event by the crazy fast swimmers. Plus, I did most of the Mountains of Misery 100 miler (well, around 72 miles of it) that was hard.

So, training has been good, ProK is a great coach, and I am very happy with the switch. As for my thoughts on the race, well who the heck knows! It will be a long day. I certainly get more race experience for the entry fee than most!

After Canada, who knows, but I need a race a month to accomplish this little task I've set myself up for! For sure there will a race report.