Monday, February 25, 2008


Getting back into the pool has turned out to be much harder than getting back into lifting, biking and running. I think I just dread the swim so much I talk myself out of going swimming much quicker. Oh well, the swimming saga will continue until I get out of the water at IMFL. I did manage to swim a little bit on Sunday, and then had my lesson this morning. My goggles keep leaking, which drives me crazy, and yesterday, I attempted to wear an old swim suit and nearly gave the little boy lifeguard some serious booby shots, as it was sooo loose my boobies were falling out! I was swimming along and thinking that something felt weird so I sort of looked down to see my lefty hanging out...needless to say, I stopped and tied knots in the straps to keep'em under wraps. Not the best look, but it worked. The swim suit went in the trash as soon as I walked in the door!

The 10-mile this weekend was surprizingly ok, even after the hard-ass hour ride that Mark put us through. I think I'll be glad when power month is over, but worry what's next at the same time!

At my lesson this morning, I had to swim with my eyes closed, which was ok for the first 50, but then after doing a couple of sprints, not so good as I banged into the right lane markers and then the left (so hard I knocked my goggles off) like a pin ball. ProKaren was laughing at me, and some woman was asking if I had my eyes closed. Shoot, I hope I never swim like that with my eyes open, because that would really make the swim hard...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Whew. This "power" month is kicking my butt, well actually, kicking my legs, but they are attached to my butt. The workout Saturday sounded doable, but was much harder than I anticipated--the 2 hour ride was fine, but the 6 mile run was very hard for me. I guess being sick and not running for nearly 2 weeks took its toll. I did finish the run, it was not a negative split, unless one includes the 3 minute bathroom break. Which I include, of course, so that I did in fact achieve the negative split. Ha.

ProKaren was funny at swim lesson on Monday am. I am now supposed to do different things with my left and right arms...don't ask questions, just do it. Funny thing is that I am actually able to do what she says. Certainly gives me something to think about, other than breathing, or not breathing, while I swim. I was back in the cold pool, wishing hard for the warm pool. The first couple of laps I could not get my breathing correct, I guess because I was cold. It all worked itself out. Oh, and the 100 meters of kickboard was no freakin fun at all. My right hamstring was twanging, and I know my hamstring should not be involved in kicking. I cannot wait until Masters on Wednesday. You know I am lying.

My brilliant idea of lifting and riding Monday nights is kicking my @ss. Of course, every Monday workout is power repeats, followed by mean Ed and his "fun" little sprint-climbs. At least all I have to do is run today, my legs are tired. Maybe by this afternoon I'll feel like I can run, right now in the morning, not so much.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Getting back to working out after being sick all last week has been HARD, darnit. I had my little swim lesson on Monday am, and thankfully had to swim in the hot pool because the regular pool was all full. I was in heaven, nice to not be cold when I got in, and since I was still coughing up crap, it was nice and warm....yumminess. Cycling after the new lifting routines was really challenging, Ed remains mean. We were chasing fast people (in our minds), I was just trying not to blow up a lung. I finally ran a bit yesterday, only did 3 miles, but it felt ok, until I stopped, then the coughing started. Still, it was actually nice to run. I do, however, hate the 4 set requirement for some of the lifting routines. I totally did not see that one coming and I'm lollygagging along on my third set, thinking I'd get out of there early, when Ed bursts my bubble with "you know there's four sets" Arrrgghhhh. The fourth set was wicked hard, and now I am sitting at my desk with tired arms and legs. Swimming tonight should be interesting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Word for today is "stupid". That's what I was on Saturday, when I, despite feeling poorly, decided to go ahead and ride the 1 1/2 hours and then run 8 miles afterwards. Stupid to do the run for sure, probably stupid to do the ride. Soo, I finished the run, and then felt like I was going to drop, for real. I was so freakin cold, my hands were white. I guess all the blood was going somewhere else. Anyway, now I'm good and sick, and still feel like crap even though I've laid around for the past 3 days, taking Zicam, decongestents, drinking orange juice and water, eating whatever sounds good, sleeping lots, etc. I had to cancel my swim lesson Monday morning, and I am hoping that I'll be up to cycling by tomorrow. So people---if you feel like you are getting sick, STAY HOME AND GET WELL! Don't be stupid like me.