Monday, July 14, 2008


Whoopee-Blue Ridge Ride #2 was Saturday! Most of us went 50 miles, and even though it was only 4 miles more than last time, it was harder with more climbing, especially towards the end of the second leg. Oh well, my legs were very tired, and I spent a lot of time wishing I had just one more easier gear to go to, but alas, no matter how many times I checked, no magic gear appeared, so I was left with head down, legs pumping, heart pounding until the hills were done and the parking lot was reached. I have found that I now LOVE going fast. There was a straight downhill section that I totally cranked down and reached 44.09 miles an hour. I was shocked when I saw my fastest speed since last year I was riding the brakes so much they were smoking.

There was a 4 mile downhill with lots of curves that was also a blast. I figured it was going to hurt like a motha coming back up, so I was darn sure to enjoy the downhill. Everyone did great, a few mechanical issues arose this time, but people dug down and through creative cursing, managed to finish to ride. But the best part of the day was fresh blackberries on the side of the road! I actually stopped and ate a bunch, and that was truly some sweet action. Props to those hardy souls that rode 80 and 100+ miles that day. You people totally rock!

Sunday was the Muddy Buddy and I had agreed to fill in for Cyndi as Derick's partner in grime. I must confess that when the freakin alarm went off early (much, much too early) I was wishing I had not said yes. I had done Muddy Buddy races in the past, but it had been a few years and holy crapper, the race has gotten HUGE! The line into the park stretched for miles! Anyway, MyKaren and I finally got to the race and found Derick and Cyndi. MyKaren was going to go for a trail run so she took off for that as we made our way to the start line line. (yes, I meant to have two "lines") The porta-potties at the race were among the foulest I've ever smelled. Just wanted to throw that in there.

The race was a blast, I biked the first leg and low and behold, evil mountain-bike Shawn appeared (that would be the mean Shawn that screams at people when she raced mountain bikes...not a pretty nor happy Shawn, but sometimes very effective in freaking out the competition-and yes I am referring to myself in the third person) as I blasted past poor pedlars who seemed afraid of the gravel pathway, I think I may have passed everyone in my start because I ended up alone for a quarter mile or so before the first obstacle. I nearly finished my first run leg before Derick passed me on the bike. We leapforgged our way through the course,
I was concentrating on biking as hard as I could so my slow run wouldn't mess us up and then trying to run a steady pace. We actually did well on the timing part and finished the last leg pretty much together for the final task, crawling through the mud pit! The mud was really thick, and we passed a team in the pit itself (we are such studs!) and finished in 52+ minutes. MyKaren and I left after the race so we didn't wait for the results, but Derick called later and told us that we had come in third in our age group! All-in-all, a great weekend!


SusieQ said...

You rock - so you are allowed to refer to yourself in the third person.


Kate said...

Another AG win, you are showing us all up! Well done especially after Saturday's ride.

TriGirl Kate O said...

I believe all those people on their mountain bikes missed your last post on biking etiquette. Way to mow them down and place! You are such a rock star. Thanks for sharing the blackberries!

Cyndi said...

Um, this post didn't do it justice -- Team Shawn & Derek kick A$$ out there!! 50 miles in the BR, then placing 3rd?! Shawn, you are a kick-A$$ mountain biker!

Thanks for filling in for me -- it was hard to sit on the sidelines but I couldn't wish for a better partner for my guy!! Now, next time I do Muddy Buddy, how the hell do I live up to the standards you've set? :)


PS - just so everyone knows, Shawn knocked out that 50 miler BR ride, raced with Derek the next morning and hit the Robious swim on Sunday night. Yeah. Who's gonna kick the crap out of that Florida course? Yup. Shawn is, that's who!