Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow, Drunk, Sick

Well, its been a bit since I last wrote. In that time, there's been more snow, I got really drunk, and then I got sick. Not necessarily in that order, oh wait, yes in that order! A couple of Saturday's ago, MyK and I went to a movie with some friends. Sounds fairly tame, right? Wrong. After the movie, came dinner, with drinks, and then someone got the crazy idea to go to a bar. And, I for once, said OK. As far as I can remember, I had a Cosmo, several glasses of wine, a couple of beers, and at least 4 shots. I may have been able to drink that much in my heyday, but not now. I was toast. I danced. I think we got home around 2 am, and when I stumbled out of bed at 8, I was still drunk. Needless to say, I didn't run that day, nor have I really run since. It took me two days to feel even half-way normal, and then I got this stupid cold thing that has put me on my butt. 9 days later, I am still coughing my lungs out, and my nose is all red and sore from blowing and wiping. Fun times. Meanwhile, the snow has come again, and again. Kind of neat, since we don't get much snow here in the south, but kind of ready for green lawns.

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SusieQ said...

How did I miss Shawn dancing???