Saturday, January 30, 2010


Snowing, snowing, snowing. Great googly moogly....the weather people have been correct 2 times this winter! Its a miracle! Ok, even though I have decided NOT to do the 50 K, I somehow still found myself out in the beautiful it fell....with wind....for over 3 hours, running, already today, and it is not yet 1pm. MyKaren, BeB,Twila, and Jenny met at Reedy Creek for a little run as the snow fell this morning, and we were not the only crazies out. I ran a little over 3 hours, MyK and BeB ran close to 4. It was nice, and pretty, and cold, and windy and wet, and hard. We ran east on the fire road to Belle Island, the Lost trail, the fire road, up around the top of Belle Island, the canal walk to its end, over the Mayo Bridge, the floodwall, and the fire road back. Crossing the river was freakin cold, my right ear was completely frozen! Running as it snows is nice, but very cold. I kept getting ice crystals on my eyelashes, across the front of my legs and chest, and my whole head was white. The ice crystals on my eyelashes actually began to impact my vision, so I had to clear them away, which made my fingers cold. Oh, well what the heck do I think will happen when one runs in the snow?

I think in the hours that we ran, it snowed about 4 inches. It's defintely coming down pretty hard. Good thing we have enough milk, eggs, and toilet paper!

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tri-ing races not cases said...

Kudos to you gals for being out there running! We hunkered down inside and opted for trainers and snow shoveling :)