Friday, August 13, 2010


Ahhh, taper. The sweetest word. Only wondering when that may begin! MyKaren, as well as Lynn, Sharon, Rick E., Molly and Jill all went to Morgantown WV to participate in the Mountaineer tris. Molly did the Olympic, Rick E did his own aqua-velo and the rest of us fools did the 1/2 IM distance. Gotta say that it was the best 1/2 IM I've had. I had a nutrition plan, and stuck to it like glue and was amazed at how much better I felt! The swim was in the foggy Monogahalia (sp?) River, sooo foggy no one could see the few bouys they had out, I swam very zig-zaggy as a result, but still had a good swim for the first time in my wetsuit since IM last year! The bike was going to the be scary part, but they had to change the course to a 2 loop deal at the last second due to recent chip and oil on the back part of the course. Climbed up and over Mount Morris 4 times total, but it wasn't steep so it wasn't bad. Bike course ended up being 2 miles longer....oh well. The run was along the Mon as they call it, nice and flat and most of it on cinder surface so it was not too hard on the old legs and feet. I posted my best 1/2 marathon time in an 1/2 IM ever. Stunned to say the least, but very happy. I actually broke 7 hours! Barely, but I was thinking I would not be able to do that ever.

So, "taper" week means only one workout a day, but still a 4 hour ride tomorrow, and a 3600 meter swim, and a 1.5 hour run. Some taper.

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