Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17/2009-Off Season!

OK, the off season training has to begin, and sort of has begun with some indoor cycling and circuit training at a new shop along with guppies swimming which comes with a track workout. Sounds doable, right? The spin/cycle is good, different than what I am used to but good nevertheless. The circuit training is kicking my fatass, which is also good...but hard. It is amazing how much body weight excersies can hurt. Doing them over a minute at a time, with multiple minutes can cause some suffering, in a good way. My training plan is to do the weekday schedule and then try to get off road on the weekends for some variety. I do like trail running and mountain biking!

My race plans for the next year are not quite finalized, I am currently freaking out about the Turkey Trot 10K next week, since I basically stopped running after IMUSA. Trotting may be all I can do, but I'll still be out there! I also have the Bear Creek 10 mile in early December so I am trying to concentrate on trail running when I run.

Since I am either off season or pre-season training, I needed to think of my mantra for the coming year. I've had the "Any done run is a good run" mantra for 2008, and had none for 2009, so I thought that 2010 needs something to get me through. Since I have foolishly signed up for another mountainous IM event, and since I am in my 50s (WTF????), I've decided that I need to stop shying away from the suffering that IM training brings and my new mantra for the 2009-2010 season is "Embrace the suffering".

We'll see how long it lasts!

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