Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Beer = weight gain. I drank a lot of beer this past weekend and perhaps some days leading up to it, and have gained nearly 5 pounds. Shocking and scary all at the same time! I celebrated my 50th birthday this past weekend, with a very nice party organized by MyKaren and lots of my friends in attendence. I am humbled by the thoughtfulness of my friends and thankful for them being in my life.

Not much else to say about LPTF, we all did a full loop of the bike on Monday, followed by a swim in a very wavy pool that evening, and then more food and drinks and a mostly rest day on Tuesday. I am glad I went, and know that I can physically finish the course, I just hope I have enough time.

MyKaren, Lynn and I went to the Blue Ridge Saturday and rode 57-60 miles. For the record, the Blue Ridge is harder than LP course. Blue Ridge is either uphill or downhill, with no real flatter sections. And there are some flat sections at LP. So, we rode several hours, and then did a short transition run on the AT. It was a very beautiful day, with lots of cyclists out there. On Sunday morning, we did a 7-8 mile trail run on the downtown loop, and while it was humid, that was also very nice. I swam 1.25 miles yesterday to top off the weekend's training.


SusieQ said...

Happy belated b-day - sorry I missed the festivities

tri-ing races not cases said...

Pretty impressive training weekend after LP. Enjoyed celebrating with you! Bart, still can't get over the fact that you all sided and did much of your own work on the house.

TriGirl 40 Something said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for inviting Gary and me to celebrate. And I agree with tri-ing races - the siding and other house projects are amazing!

Don't worry about the extra carb-loading this weekend, either.