Monday, April 20, 2009


Seems I cannot get myself as excited about writing the blog as last year. Maybe its indicative of my overall lethargy with IMUSA or maybe its not. Who knows. The list of people who are injured and cannot do IMUSA seems to grow every day, and its kind of freaking me out. I hope the injuries are done and everyone else keeps themselves healthy!

But, I still love SP2! I've gone on a 60 and a 70ish ride and she is a sweet as the road is rolling! I feel like a freakin rocket going downhill, probably because that is the only time I go as fast as she is designed for! Anyway, she is one sweet ride and I feel faster overall, so that is a good thing!

This past weekend MyKaren, Sharon, Molly, Lynn, Bob and I all went to ride/run the Kinetic course. Not flat. MyKaren was the usual rocket so we didn't see her except at the beginning and end of the ride, my group got lost the first lap, I got bird shit on my face not more than 5 miles out, and I nearly had a squirrel run into me. The squirrel was mid-air and about a foot from me when it realized I was there, so it somehow put on its mid-air brakes and flailed itself backwards. The little bit I saw was hilarious, the riders behind me nearly peed themselves. We cannot imagine the story the squirrel told! It was a good ride, the course is going to be challenging, as the run is lots of uphill and it is a three loop run. The bike course is rolling hills, enough to make you work, and some of the road surfaces are crappy but its not bad. Of course, the water will be cold as crap! Yippee!

Swam 1.75 miles yesterday, felt good in the pool, nice and long and relaxed. So the weekend totals were 69 mile ride, ~5 mile run, 1.75 mile swim. Not a bad weekend.

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